Zimmer jokes that Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers
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Zimmer jokes that Packers should trade Aaron Rodgers

Mike Zimmer has a solution for stopping the Green Bay Packers’ passing attack led by Aaron Rodgers.

“I think they should trade him,” Zimmer joked to the media on Wednesday afternoon.

The Minnesota Vikings head coach obviously wants Aaron Rodgers out of the NFC North.

“I’ve been in the NFL 20-some years, and I can’t remember a guy that does the things that this guy does,” Zimmer said. “Obviously, we’ve played against [Tom] Brady and Manning, Peyton Manning, other Mannings, all these guys. This guy, when you combine everything – his arm strength, his intelligence, his escape ability, the way he sees things, [is on another level]. I think they should trade him.”

“[They let] him have the ball,” Zimmer said. “He’s too good at that. He beat Cincinnati with 21 seconds left. He beat Dallas with no time left, basically. If he’s got the ball in his hands, then you’ve got a chance to end up losing the football game. He does what he does, that never has changed.”

The thing that makes him the toughest to gameplan for is his ability to do everything well.

“There’s a fine line, you either turn it loose and let it go, and if he gets out, he gets out,” Zimmer added. “Or you’re careful with him, and then it’s going to slow down your pass rush. You’ve got to kind of pick your poison with everything.”

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