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NFL Analyst Actually Picked Titans Over Patriots

One NFL analyst has gone against the grain and submitted an incredibly surprising prediction for the AFC’s Divisional Round.

Former Jaguars star Maruice Jones-Drew has decided to make the pick that no one else was going to make, wildly predicting that the ?Tennessee Titans would upset the New England ?Patriots on Saturday. The Patriots are favored to win the game by 13 points, so this is a very interesting comment from MJD.

Jones-Drew is infatuated with Titans’ running back Derrick Henry who he expects to be a nuisance for the Patriots run defense, which has not been up to par this season.

The former Pro Bowl running back claims that the key to beating the Patriots is to use the ground-and-pound method and try to limit the amount of snaps the Patriots take with Tom Brady under center.

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