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Bill Belichick Gives Blunt Comment in Response to Aaron Hernandez’s CTE Diagnosis

On Thursday, we learned exactly the medical information that we assumed would someday cross our wires when it was announced that former Patriot Aaron Hernandez not only ?suffered from CTE prior to his death, but an incredibly advanced variety of the condition.

Hernandez, who committed suicide in prison earlier this year, was found to have one of the most severe cases of CTE ever found in someone of his age bracket.

While we can’t definitively connect whether his condition had anything to do with his heinous actions off the field, the implications of the results are big for both the NFL and its players.

In his NFL career, Hernandez played just 44 NFL games. While football isn’t a sport known for player longevity, 44 games is just under three seasons of play. To have Stage 3 CTE after that amount of time in the league puts a significant amount of worry and burden on youth football and the collegiate game going forward.

When asked to comment upon the matter, Bill Belichick, as per usual, didn’t say much.

With brain injuries becoming a widespread epidemic in the NFL, you can’t really blame Bill for avoiding saying anything controversial. Especially with a lawsuit pending.

Hernandez’s case is just the latest and surely won’t be the last bone chilling case of brain injuries to come from ex-NFL players. We can only hope those in positions of authority have a little more to reason out than Belichick did here. There’s certainly plenty of concerning ramifications going forward.

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