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Video: How close arrested Washington came to get shot by police

The police arrested Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Adolphus Washington at a Cincinnati-area waterpark Sunday night for improper concealment of a firearm.

Body camera footage obtained and released by TMZ Sports on Wednesday shows just how close Washington came to getting shot by police.

(Trigger warning: Verbal obscenities ahead.)

The ordeal started when a police officer, in process of dispersing a raucous crowd from the parking lot of Splash City, approached Washington’s vehicle and noticed a gun in his hand.

Police immediately drew down on him and demanded he step out from the car. After an intense few seconds, Washington eventually stepped out of the car and is put in the back of a cruiser.

There, a despondent and conciliatory Washington agreed with an officer about how close he came to getting shot and goes on to state he was merely in the process of putting the gun, which he’s permitted to carry, out of sight.

He apologized profusely before police explained he was at least facing a charge for improper handling of a firearm.

The Buffalo Bills remain aware of the situation and won’t comment further until the legal process draws to a conclusion.

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